GFC crisis : Finance terminology


The following notes on Finance terminology arise out of discussion with Harry Greenwell and reference to Google:

Sub-Prime mortgage:

A sub-prime mortgage differs from a standard mortgage in that it is specifically designed for borrowers who have an adverse  or bad credit rating. Hence it is sub prime. A feature of sub-prime mortgages was that ordinarily they included a provision for adjustable interest rates. It is evident that if the borrowers are riskier the value of the security becomes correspondingly more important.


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Rudd: no “huge push” for euthanasia

On Friday February 12th, Kevin Rudd fielded calls from viewers of Seven network’s Sunrise program. A Melbourne woman, Debbie Williams, asked the Prime Minister the following important question;

I’d like to know what your personal view is on euthanasia, and do you think that every individual person in Australia should have the legal right to have a choice if they are terminally ill?

Rudd expressed his opposition to euthanasia and indicated that he didn’t see a “huge push” to bring the matter before the parliament in the near future.

I wrote the letter below to the Prime Minister on the 12th in relation to this answer. I’m awaiting a reply.


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