Why was Liu singled out?

Liu Di

Liu Di, "the stainless steel mouse."

Liu Xiaobo is the only Charter 08 signatory who has been prosecuted up to the present time. He was arrested in December 2008 on publication of Charter 2008. It is known that given the measure of support for the Charter, the Chinese authorities were uneasy about what to do — they could not refrain from action and allow the Charter, which had 10,000 signatures, gather momentum through inaction but on the other hand to ‘crackdown’ generally on the 300 initial authors could have inspired active dissent. And so they took the course of  arresting the most prominent author which was thought sufficiently ‘threatening’, holding him for 12 months without trial so that the movement would peter out. But there are some brave Chinese. Some of Liu’s co-authors have signified that they are standing by him. One is Liu Di, “the stainless steel mouse” whom I was aware of as one of the internet prisoners of a few years ago.”For the dignity of the Constitution and the law, and for no more imprisonment of people for their independent opinions, I would prefer to share ith Mr Liu Xiaobo the same case with the same penalty”, she wrote recently.

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